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Philadelphia Document Shredding

Philadelphia Document Shredding offers cost-effective document and hard drive shredding solutions for your sensitive personal and business information. We understand the necessity to protect your sensitive papers as well as comply with all Pennsylvania and federal privacy laws.

About Philadelphia Document Shredding

We can meet your destruction needs at any level. Many of our clients begin as one-time purges at the end of the year and grow into recurring shredding clients. We can get you the most competitive rates in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Document Shredding is your premier source for secure, reliable and quality shredding service options in the Philadelphia metro area. Your security is our priority, and all of our contractors processes comply with all Pennsylvania and federal privacy laws. We are able to match your home or business with several shredding service levels developed to meet your needs at reasonable rates.

Philadelphia, PA document shredding services

Philadelphia Document Shredding handles jobs ranging in size from one box to warehouses full of paperwork, and our partners shred as often as you need. To get a free, no obligation quote on document shredding today, fill out the form or give us a call at (215) 874-6456.

Philadelphia Shredding Services

On Site Shredding

Shredding trucks come to your business and destroy all of your confidential materials at your site.

Off Site Shredding

This is a “pick up” service. Trucks pick up the documents at your location and the shredding is done at a secure shredding building in Pennsylvania.

Hard Drive Shredding

Physical destruction for your magnetic media. Hardware is shredded and melted down for metal recycling.

Document Scanning

A digital filing cabinet is an excellent way to store and manage large volumes of documents. Our contractors scan and index your documents according to your structured plan.

Service Options Available in Philadelphia

  • Ongoing Service – Daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled shredding services. You are given secure bins which you fill up paperwork overtime. A driver is regularly sent to pick up and shred the contents.
  • Purge Service – Annual, one-time, or occasional shredding services. For a one-time shredding visit a driver comes right to your location and either shreds at your office or an offsite facility in Philadelphia. Costs are based on volume for this service.
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Why Choose Professional Shredding

Professional document shredding is the best way to ensure that your data is completely destroyed both efficiently and securely. Shredding documents in-house is time consuming, expensive, and puts your information at risk of being viewed or stolen. Destruction with a reputable company gives you control over your information as well as the information of your customers and employees. Get started with mobile, off site, or drop off shredding with Philadelphia Document Shredding today!

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Residential Shredding Services

Cases of identity theft are constantly on the rise. The only way to protect you and your family is to completely destroy your documents before they leave the safety of your home and get thrown away. Find out more about what you can do to ensure your private information stays private with Philadelphia Document Shredding.
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