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Off Site Shredding in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Off Site Shredding Services

Off site document shredding is an extremely secure method of destruction for files. when you sue this method, your materials are picked up and securely transported to a Pennsylvania facility where they are destroyed. This process is compliant with every current federal and Pennsylvania state privacy law including HIPAA.

This option is common because it is usually less expensive to shred at a facility than at your location. It provides a high level of security as only authorized employees with Philadelphia Document Shredding are allowed to come in contact with the paper or even be in the plant.

philadelphia off site shredding services

Trained security drivers take your documents within a locked truck, guarding it until it arrives at the secure Philadelphia shredding facility. Upon the delivery of the files for destruction, the containers are weighed.

Once recorded, they are lined up to start the shredding process. The material is dumped directly into the giant shredder, processing about 20,000 pounds per hour. A Certificate of Destruction is created with the certified weight that assures the papers were destroyed. Once materials are destroyed, they are baled and sent directly to a paper mill where the material is turned into pulp to make new paper.

Destruction Process

philadelphia off site shredding services
  1. Gather your documents that must be destroyed. Contact Philadelphia Document Shredding to get free quotes on secure services.
  2. Connect with one of the local services that we match you with.
  3. A driver will come to your location and pick up your documents.
  4. Your documents are securely delivered to the Pennsylvania shredding facility.
  5. The paper is destroyed, baled, and pulped down into the new paper.
  6.  A Certificate of Destruction is delivered to you.

Benefits of Off Site Shredding

Philadelphia Document Shredding off site destruction

Opting for off-site shredding services with Philadelphia Document Shredding presents a strategic choice for both homes and businesses seeking efficient and secure document destruction solutions. Off-site shredding offers distinct advantages over in-house shredding by alleviating the burden placed on individuals or organizations to manage shredding processes internally. By entrusting your shredding needs to our off-site facilities, you gain access to professional-grade equipment and expertise, ensuring thorough and compliant document destruction. Our partners’ off-site shredding service streamlines the entire process, from document collection to destruction, allowing you to focus on core business operations or personal endeavors without the hassle of managing shredding tasks internally.

Moreover, off-site shredding provides an added layer of security and confidentiality, as our partner facilities are equipped with advanced security measures to safeguard your sensitive information throughout the shredding process. With Philadelphia Document Shredding’s off-site shredding connections, you can enjoy peace of mind, efficiency, and compliance with data protection regulations, making it the preferred choice for homes and businesses alike.

Cost of Services

Off-site shredding costs, on average, $110-$130 for a project between 1-10 boxes but can vary based on location, size, and other factors. Once the shredding is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records. Call our experts today to find out more about secure shredding options in your area for any size project! Please give us a call to get a quote on your unique project and specifications.

Get Quotes on Off-Site Shredding Services

Off-Site shredding is the most economical solution for your shredding needs. Philadelphia Document Shredding’s contractors will efficiently shred your documents at an affordable price. Our goal is to save your company time and money, so you can focus on your daily business activities without skipping a beat. Call us today at (215) 874-6456 or fill out the form to receive free quotes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

philadelphia off site shredding services

Can I witness the shredding process at your facility?
While off-site shredding takes place at our partners’ secure facilities, we can arrange for a service like mobile shredding where you are able to witness the shredding process.

What is a certificate of destruction, and why is it important?
A certificate of destruction is a legal document that verifies the secure destruction of your documents. It serves as proof of compliance with data protection regulations and mitigates liability risks. After an off site destruction service, you will receive a certificate of destruction.

How long does the off-site shredding process take?
The duration of the shredding process depends on the volume of documents being shredded. Our partners works efficiently to complete the shredding promptly.

What types of documents can be shredded with off-site shredding?
Off-site shredding services can securely destroy a wide range of documents, including financial records, legal documents, medical records, and more.