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Philadelphia Document Scanning

Document scanning services in Philadelphia

Businesses use document scanning to convert their paper records into digital documents. Once they are in an electronic format, documents are easier to manage. If a document is required, it is available with a simple keyword search.

Access to every file can be restricted to singular employees. This puts any document on a workflow basis. Access must be controlled to eliminate employees from taking the private information of employees and patients or clients. Every record has a lifespan and an EDM system can automatically eliminate unneeded records.

Create a Conversion Plan

The first step towards a paperless office in Philadelphia is to work on a document destruction policy. Articulate how long you want to retain each type of document and determine which employee requires access to each one. The documented policy should be published to every employee.

Next, you’ll want to shred every unwanted record. Have everyone who maintains official records clean out documents that should be destroyed. Also, provide shredding cans around your company for employees to place their unwanted documents in. Ask workers to organize their personal files in accordance with the company document management policy and destroy everything past its lifespan. There is no need to digitize documents that are no longer needed.

The third step is to determine what documents will be accessed going forward. If it is unlikely to be used again, storing the original document is the right move. The records that are left is what you should scan.

Finally, it is time for the physical act of scanning. You can acquire equipment and assign the work to your employee or temp. Or you can hire a Pennsylvania scanning service. If you have a small amount to scan then assigning an employee to do the job will work. But as your amount of documents grow you may become overwhelmed. In this scenario, a scanning service is recommended.

Philadelphia Document Shredding makes the digitizing process easy. Our contractors have large scanning machines and professionals who perform this work every day. They prepare the documents and shred them following the scanning process.

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Making the transition to a paperless office is a step in the right direction. Philadelphia Document Shredding will help you get all of your documents scanned while you continue to focus on your everyday business functions.

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